how come no one ever talked about what amazing actresses the two girls from Mama are? 

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(Apart from the above messages which are hilarious) I can honestly say that the Sherlock fandom and my followers are so sweet and nice. I’ve gotten so many messages from Sherlock fans apologizing on behalf of the rude comments that I’ve gotten. Also, much love back to those who messaged me their apologies and well wishes. I read all your love! xoxo

hhhhollllyyy shittttt what is wRONG W SOMe PeOPLeS CHILDReN

sherlock fandom, why even

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So according to Victoria’s Secret I can love my body if my waist is the size my thigh currently is, if I am 5’ 9”, if I have long slightly wavy brown or blonde hair, and if I am either white or one very specific shade of brown. Thanks for that, I’ll log that away.

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I am sick. I knew they were anti-equality and I knew that they refused aid, but this is disgusting.  I am truly sorry for all the times I put money in those buckets over the years. :( :(

Remember when people yelled at me for not supporting Salvation Army.

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