Also Josh Radnor is the only actor I’ve ever seen who looks like he genuinely enjoyed the joke or make it looks like he is sincerely laughing. I always half think he’s breaking whenever he does that. 

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I know everyone has their shipping preferences. But I’m just sayin’.

3 reasons Jack Nicholson is a total badass (besides because a drop dead amazing actor):

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was held up for weeks in the beginning of production, tabloids suggested he was getting hair plugs put in when in reality he was in a stalemate with the director who wanted the asylum to be in utter bedlam at the star of the film thus negating the need for MacMurphy’s presence and the whole point of the film. Nicholson obviously got his way and made the film the classic it is. 
  • The studio tried screwing over the director of The Witches of Eastwick numerous times by basically controlling literally every part of production to the point where they were going to elbow him out completely, but Nicholson refused to work for anyone else and insisted they give him back the creative control they originally promised the director.
  • Ever wonder why we heard so much about Shelley Duvall and Scatman Crothers breaking down in tears at the hands of Stanley Kubrick and about Faye Dunaway throwing a bottle of urine at Roman Polanski because they had such a poisonous relationship, but not how Jack Nicholson got on with the directors? Because he was so good natured that he went along with the directors’ outrageousness with a smile most of the time. (Rumor has it that Jack may have been the one to contribute the urine however.)
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You know what, I am not the bad guy, I refuse to be the bad guy. I shouldn’t have to deal with people’s insanity and treat it like everything’s reasonable and normal and not a giant hassle and put every one else out because of one person. 

It makes me sad that people still think Ethan engineered that whole Croatia thing just to mess with people. And then they say Brandt’s the only one with trust issues.


I am actually good at being a bitch. I don’t get to be one often but when I do, bam, bitch city. Like I’m saving up all my bitch for special occasions. 

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My mom, on how to write a novel: “Come up with the idea, write an outline. Expand the outline. Character development. Expand the idea.”

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I like going through kinkmemes and bookmarking a ton of prompts that I’m totally planning to fill, and never filling them. 

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New Lawless icon because why the hell not. Might change soon enough. 

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I think if I ever did watch Supernatural I’d fall head over heels for Dean. 

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