There’s always a flaw in the system. 


Sherlock in a nutshell.

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seriously though this scene was p. cute

mostly because ragnar was so excited, like, LOOK WE LIKE YOU!!! WE THINK YOU’RE CUTE!!! SMILES DON’T YOU LIKE MY ABS + HER THIGHS, WE WANT TO KISS YOU, WHY ARE YOU SAYING NO???? :((((((((((

#THEY ASKED SO NICELY AND RAGNAR WAS SO EXCITED IT WAS REALLY CUTE #and Lagertha was just like ‘yes this priest is cute I will allow him the privilege of touching me’ #but then Athelstan said no and they went from :D to D: it was very sad 

vikings 1x03 dispossessed

Sherlock & Clyde

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Clyde the tortoise

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