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This is so patently untrue, I can’t even begin to dissect every untrue point in detail because I don’t have that kind of time.

Here’s the tl;dr version:

Sleep Paralysis (by the way? learn to spell it if you want to look smart, OP) is a real thing. It is a sleep disorder. It is scary and is linked to all kinds of other sleep disorders (and mental/neurological disorders, too). It is not something you want. In fact, if you want it, I would go so far as to label you a transabled and I fucking hate those people and the fact that there are enough people out there to warrant making up a stupid word like that.

Second, if you had ever experienced SP, you would know that you CANNOT OPEN YOUR EYES during an episode. You are PARALYZED, you dumb fuck. And if you can manage, with, like, almost Herculean strength, to wiggle a finger or toe or open an eye, the paralysis is broken.

 Dreams CAN result from an episode of SP, but they aren’t pleasant. You will hear a constant buzzing or voices. You will dream of things holding you down or the bed swallowing you up or things dragging you down to hell.

SP is more common when you are tired and sleeping on your back, but you must be prone to SP and not everyone is. About 20% of the population is and most of them have issues like narcolepsy, exploding head syndrome (thought to be small seizures) anxiety, fluorescent light sensitivity, epilepsy, problems with panic attacks, attacks of depersonalization or derealization, and/or ADHD.

I have SP. I have also had two actual lucid dreams in recent memory and NEITHER were tied to SP. And they were quite pleasant dreams, thank you VERY much.

OP is a fucking moron. Whoever wrote this needs to go fuck themselves because asking for SP and all the problems that come with it is akin to asking for a handicap.