Rock of Ages (USA, 2012)

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yes i have to post this again.  it’s too painfully adorable not to post. also it’s bigger than the last one i posted because i was a genius and posted the bigger one.  ~ooooooh~



Rock of Ages | Pour Some Sugar On Me

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So what is wrong with another sin?



Rock You Like a Hurricane - Rock Of Ages

Okay, observations (spoilery):

*Even if it was done in 1990, no strip club at the time would have been complete without Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”. It is at least in the top10 list of strippery songs of all time.  Good job.

*Justice.  Little kisses. There is more that’s sweet about Stacee than meets the eye.

*Sherrie’s hair’s fantastic. Maybe if I put mine in some big rollers, it could look like that, except, you know, almost black.  Also: Feathered earrings :)))).

*There is something so damn primal about Stacee Jaxx.  There are more instances here where he appears to be sniffing her.  Wild animal.  Grrr.

In the soundstrack, I thought two of those very high bits were her, one was him.  They were all him.  All.  Yegasps.

*I love the way he helps her up.

*And then proceeds to look absolutely fucking heartbroken.

I have no observations about this besides Tom on a fucking stripper pole. 


Please upload this
Oh my god.

…the best thing about this is that Tom knows how to pole dance.

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Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages(2012)