jaegermasters said: That scene in jack reacher is awful. I paused my d/l’d copy on that the other week and never did watch any further. Dammit.

Uhm, I hope you mean ‘awful’ in that ‘I can’t unpause and stop appreciating the view’ way and not actually bad because that movie is the super tits and you should totally watch the rest of it. 

If you did mean the first way then yes, so wholeheartedly agree.

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oh my god why must you do this to me i need it ;__;

I do it because I must and I miss talking about these dorks every 5 minutes. 

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YES YES WE ARE because that means at some point Ethan had to get a hair cut and did he let it just keep growing, was it Stacee Jaxx length and some point he just said, “this is getting ridiculous” or did he have to cut it for a mission or did he just do the shaved head Minority Report look and it’s grown out since then and you know Benji was the first one to say something about it like right as Ethan walked in the room and Ethan gives him a look like Benji’s gonna tease him about it and Benji has to be all “no no I’m just pointing it out, it looks nice” and Brandt’s maybe quietly sad about it because he loved Ethan’s long hair but then again as long as Ethan’s still Ethan he’s not complaining. 

Hiddles was awesome but i kept seeing reports about Cruuuuise being there and signing and generally being awesome and yeah no one cared :(

Again, I don’t think anyone even knew he was supposed to be there, even his Twitter crew was being vague about it until the last second and then they said “Oh yeah, Tom’s here” and that’s when I went from “eh, I don’t care if I’m there or not” to “the world is painful and unfair.” The fact that he was signing stuff? God, what an angel. 

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    1. jaegermasters said: Not Hiddles no ;-) 
    2. Oh, okay, hahaha. Everyone on my dash is freaking out about Hiddleston and NO ONE cares that Tom was there and I’m like, “Uhm you do realize the biggest star ever was there and being adorable right?”
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he upstaged everyone by being awesome and ugh *grabby hands*

I KNOW I’M SO UPSET because as far as I could tell no one really even knew he was supposed to be there until the last second and then he was and he was adorable and he was signing things like a fucking rockstar even though he’s the biggest star there ugh I just cannot even with how upset I am not just because I wasn’t there but because he exists at all to be that awesome. 

I realize belatedly you’re probably talking about Tom Hiddleston, haha. As far as I know he didn’t sing, lol. 

Dude, I fucking hate this website. All I can do is watch this show and think “oh, someone’s going to have a problem with that for no reason. Op, someone’s going to get stupidly righteous about that little thing.”

I mean there were hookers in the first scene and that was super no-no bad and degrading to women because…it was right after the Superbowl? And dudes like looking at women? Apparently. Even though JLM was shirtless. I fucking don’t even know anymore. 

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exponential63 replied to your post: exponential63 replied to your post: Finding it…

Narrow it down to three??? And enjoy your visit!

I think I’ve settled on You Only Live Twice for the toes and Tomorrow Never Dies with the Man with the Golden Gun top coat on my hands, and I will definitely try! (I am being very pessimistic because me + vacations usually = chaos, but we shall see!)

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johanirae replied to your post: Justin Hammer / William Brandt, western AU

BEST DRABBLE EVER. Seriously, you are going to make me start shipping this crack pairing darling

Haha, you are more than welcome to start that fandom, I know there’s been at least one prompt/fill for Justin Hammer being the weapons supplier for the IMF. 

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manueluv replied to your post: New Lawless icon because why the hell not. Might…

AWWW BB I’M SORRY! You know I get antsy having the same icon for too long :(