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El Picacho, Honduras: A baby monkey at the Rosy Walter zoo. Photograph: Orlando Sierra/AFP/Getty Images

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Heartwarming pictures of the baby monkey which made friends with a TIGER

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Hefei, China: A baby rhesus macaque hangs on to a tiger cub at a zoo.  Photograph: Jianan Yu/Reuters

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Golden monkey (by floridapfe)

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Marmoset monkey (by floridapfe)

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by Fanus Weldhagen

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11 Touching Portraits of Elderly Animals by Isa Leshko

I also want my images to inspire greater empathy toward animals, particularly farm animals. It is rare to see a farm animal that has actually lived its natural life span given that most of these animals experience brutality and death early in their lives. By depicting the beauty and dignity of these creatures in their later years, I want to challenge people’s assumptions about these animals and inspire reforms to the treatment of farm animals.

Clockwise from top left: Handsome One, Age 33.  Phyllis, Age 13.  Violet, Age 12.  Capuchin Monkey, Age 30+.  

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