The Long Halloween #4: New Year’s Eve


Batman #563

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Batman #13 variant cover by Aaron Kuder

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By Phil Jimenez

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Batman #570
No Man’s Land 

Wow, you can totally tell the artist based his face on Edward G. Robinson.

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I kind of resent the suggestion that there would be something inherent about superheroes that wouldn’t be of interest to women….[P]ower fantasies are not strange to me….I’ve always loved superhero comics the same way I love Commedia dell’Arte. The same way I love opera. This is Greek mythology. These are huge overwrought characters that somehow speak to the lizard brain. There’s genuine catharsis available in this stuff. I don’t think working in superheroes is slumming it. I’m proud of this form. I like this. There’s nothing inherently masculine about power fantasies. There’s nothing inherently masculine about superhero comics. There’s nothing inherently masculine about mythology. About science fiction. There is no reason that a woman who is interested in this field as a reader or creator should feel that she is peculiar in any way. It makes me furious when I see that …

From a business standpoint, it’s just stupid. Women control the purse strings in families very often. Young women have their own income and love to shop and read. Why would you leave money on the table?

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