When a hipster or fly-by-night fandom blog posts something from my favorite fandom I get all protective and starting singing “Maps” to myself. 



Tom Cruise, Abbey Lee Kershaw & Edita Vilkeviciute in “Guitar Hero”  for W Magazine, June 2012

More pics!!!!!


Allen Potter.

Anonymous asked: “I need Aldis Hodge to be in more things.” do you mean like in your vagina or in more movies/shows


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Jack DavenportCalled Out in the Dark

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House: An Insider’s Guide & The Reichenbach Fall

Hugh Laurie (on House): I’ve always felt that he’s on the side of the angels without actually being one.

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I am…King Dick.

So, I just got back from the dentist and YAY no more giant hole in my face!

But my real question: when did dentists not suck? Seriously, I thought they and their assistants were just angry annoyed people who gave you shit all the time for your bad teeth, then talked about weird shit while their hands were in your mouth. This new guy is super friendly and it went smoothly and everyone kept telling me “good job”. The hell? 

But my real, real question: am I the only one who has an overwhelming urge to laugh hysterically as soon as they start working on you?

The whole right side of my face is numb, so that’s hilarious.

…wish my heart was as numb.