they need me. but why should it be me? i’m the one who lost his own mother. had the power to save you and didn’t know it. lost you anyway. i’m the one who lost his way. discovered i was more than an orphan teenager with cluster headaches. almost became a murderer the first time i turned my powers on. i’m the one who was accepted into a team of kids with amazing abilities and who could never control myself. never quite “got it”. either because i knocked my head one time on the ground, or because i never the discipline to succeed. i’m the one who lost his first battle. so convincingly and utterly. who closed his eyes to all possibilties. who was accused to closing his eye to the future. i’m the one who lost his nerve in the presence of a certain girl i once fell for. lost the girl. been falling ever since. i’m the one who lost his way. only to find it again…the fate of a nation. they need me to be their leader now more than ever. and i’m ready. thats why i am a leader. the blind leading the blind, maybe—but a leader nonetheless. a leader because i’m prepared to take the fall, and because i’m prepared to make the hard decisions. such as the one you made mom, the day you pushed alex and i out into the sky with a single parachute between us. because a leader knows, it’s not so hard to die for your people. it’s hard to order your people to die for you. and leading with certainty into an uncertain future doesn’t require sight. it requires vision. it requires holding on. and no matter what happens, never letting go.


[Submitted by: Patrick

The transuniversal wormhole on Deck Three will be permanently sealed off at 0900 hours today. Will Mr. Stark please return the Golden Lasso before Princess Diana punches him into orbit AGAIN?

Agent Barton will also forfeit all winnings from last night’s arm-wrestling match between Dr. Banner and Superman.]

I wonder how many people got upset when they realized Barton was sneaking around and betting on Supes. 

“Knew you the second you set foot on my property, kid. Even as young as you were, how could I not? Folks want to blame someone for gals like us. “Her daddy was unkind” or “some fella broke her heart” … Hogwash. You and me’ve always been like this. Always a little removed. Always… dreaming.

Of higher, further, faster… more. Always more. We came into this world spittin’ mad, runnin’ full bore… To or from what, I ain’t never been able to tell. Over the years, I’ve come to think of these particular traits as the shared attributes of a chosen people… the Lord put us here to punch holes in the sky. 

And when the soul is born with that kind of purpose… It’ll damn sure find a way. We’re gonna get where we’re going, you and me. Death and indignity be damned… we’ll get there…

…And we will be the stars we were always meant to be.”

Helen Cobb, Captain Marvel #1

Insight into the Comic Book Industry


selkiesiun submitted:

This is not so much a critique post as it is a conformation of how absurd the standards of art in the comic book industry have become.

I traveled to San Diego Comic Con this year and participated in the portfolio reviews they where holding from Thursday to Sunday. Although I will admit I am not the best artist in the world, I really wanted to try and show them that comic book art could be done in a realistic manor while still keeping the superhuman aesthetics of the art form.

This Batwoman piece was the work that I gained the most flack for from all the companies because the anatomy was as they quoted ‘not industry standard.’ At one company (which I shall choose to not name) I was given a full critique on the anatomical incorrections as the following.

“Her breasts are much too small and do not have the lift that superhero women should have. Her jawline is fat and her neck much too long. The style of her hair is clunky and does not flow in a sense that a super human would. Her hips, waist and thighs are too big and she honestly looks fat. No one is going to want to read a comic with a fat female protagonist. I honestly recommend looking at issues of Sport’s Illustrated to get the right anatomy. Those women are the peak of human perfection, and that is what we want in this industry.”

Peak of human perfection? I don’t know about you, but I don’t see living on salad and dietary pills as perfection.

I would like to say this was just the opinion of one editor from one company, but I found similar opinions at almost every review I went to. By the end I was pretty upset, having been following this blog for very long and trying hard to make my anatomy believable and human. But this is not something the comic book industry seems to want, and it’s something that I thought everyone deserved to be informed on.

Again, this is not to bring attention to me and my own art, but rather inform the community of just what their artistic standards are, and why so many what we deem ‘bad artists’ are able to get full careers working for these companies.

Your Batwoman pic is awesome, and it’s not like you didn’t give her curves or anything and her breasts aren’t small.  What do they think swimsuit models look like in a costume anyway?  And honestly, your piece is a lot closer to that SI cover than a lot of the “industry standard” art, but it is interesting that they consider Sports Illustrated swimsuit models as what superheroines should look like (even though they don’t end up looking like SI swimsuit models either.)

It doesn’t surprise me though, but it’s sad that that is considered the “peak of human perfection” though.  I think they’re confusing “what I find attractive in women” and “a woman at the peak of athletic perfection” much less “human perfection.”

(As a note, I don’t think we should assume that professional models necessarily exist on diet pills and salads, nor that thin people are necessarily unhealthily starving themselves.  Also, SI images probably are quite touched up too.)

Every villain is a hero in his own mind

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This is my letter to angry fanboys.

First, let it be known that I love most fanboys. When I go to a con, most of the guys there are respectful. They share a passion with me, and that’s awesome. We’re all on a rock floating through space with little connection to most of the people who surround us, so anything that allows us to bond is fantastic.

What I don’t love are angry fanboys (I wish there were a different word for them). I don’t love being scoffed at when I jump excitedly at finding a comic. I don’t love being told that, if I didn’t like something, it’s because it wasn’t “meant for chicks.” I don’t love the notion that I’m not a real fan because I have two X chromosomes and like to look at the Avengers cast. And I sure as hell don’t love my online interests (particularly shipping) being looked down on by the people who do this:

(Comment on a negative Rotten Tomatoes review of The Avengers.)

(Message in my inbox. Way to be an anonymous coward.)

(Comment on the the SHH boards.)

That last one’s fairly tame. It followed a (now deleted) comment that went something to the effect of this: “Tumblr is sick. I can’t even browse the Avengers tag because of all the fangirls posting porn.”

Well, you know what? I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry my enjoyment of fandom is different from yours.

Maybe my time would be better spent bitching at reviewers and complaining that Black Widow made it to film before Ant-Man. But that’s not what I choose to do. I choose to draw. I choose to write fanfic. I choose to share podcasts and make comic book recommendations. I choose to be positive (when I’m not pissed of at people like you anyway).

I’m not sorry you sometimes stumble upon sexualized male characters.

You know why? Because of this:

(Zatanna’s new “costume”)

And this:


And this:

(Heroes for Hire #13)

And, finally, this:

(Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, and TITS AND ASS!)

You get to ogle comic book characters constantly. You get to ogle movie characters constantly. And you know what? While I have a problem with the double standard in comics, that is your right. Women are sexy.

But if I want to put Iron Man and Captain America on the cover of The Notebook or pose them like Cyclops and Jean Grey, I’m going to do it. And I think I have the right to without being thought of as some sort of freak.

(Shameless self-promotion.)

How is the way I enjoy my hobby less healthy than the way you enjoy yours? How am I the one who’s inappropriate? I think it’s because I sexualize male characters instead of female ones.

I’m not sorry that makes you uncomfortable.

(“Leave the Avengers aloooonnneeeee!”)

(Wasp would never say this.)

I’m not sorry you’re a homophobe.

Actually, I kind of am. Exploring alternate sexual orientations isn’t “defamation of character.” It’s 2012, for crying out loud. I’m not a lesbian (or curious for that matter) but I can appreciate the Spider-Woman/Ms.Marvel pairing and the occasional Pepper/Natasha fic. The world of internet fandom has a lot to offer you if you let it.

I’m not sorry for shipping.

Shipping is glorious. I ship because it’s nice to think that these epic heroes have equally epic romances. Some of the fanfic out there is better written than a lot of comic books. Some of the fanart is better than real comic book art (looking at you, Rob Liefeld). Some of the things I ship are canon (Spider-Man/MJ). Others aren’t.

(Not canon.)

There’s a misconception that fangirls are only interested in male/male pairings. Some of them are, and who cares? That’s their right. But the assumption just isn’t true. There’s a reason Natasha/Clint is popular among movie fans. There’s a reason Tony/Pepper is popular. Those characters have boatloads of chemistry.

Then again, so do Loki/Thor, Tony/Bruce, and Tony/Steve. Don’t want ladies to overwhelmingly ship male characters together? Make a movie with more than one female lead. We can’t help it that The Avengers is a sausage party.

We are going to ship. We are going to ship loudly and proudly and there’s nothing you can do about it. I suggest you stop complaining and jump on the bandwagon. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy fangirls when you get to know us. We have a sense of humor. We have a sense of fun. We just happen to also have a strong sense of romance and a thing for attractive men.

So sue us.

Ditto x100 and add in that it’s not just female fans but QUEER fans making up for a lack of actual queer characters. 

Manueluv and I are convinced Agent K is Coulson’s father. Hell, MIB is even owned by Marvel. 



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Favourite Marvel Men: Thor Odinson

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