so bleach is a lot stronger than i always thought it was. even diluted with water.

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  • i can’t tell if this phone is upside down half the fucking time
  • what the hell do i watch now i watched everything
  • what the hell do i do with my nails tell me
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it’s kind of hilarious how fake woody harrelson’s potbelly is

"finish watching true detective" the void whispers to me

"ugh. fine." i whisper back.

so Oculus was really freaking great. i was really upset when it ended, i actually kind of want to watch it again. 

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Sorry to burst your bubble but Jack said he's quitting acting after GoT. Such a shame because he's a fabulous actor.

eh we’ll see, lots of people say they’re retiring and come back. even then, whatevs, i don’t really know anything about him except that he’s a great actor. it’d be a shame to lose him but alas. 

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i don’t care about game of thrones but i am really looking forward to jack gleeson taking over hollywood and becoming a total powerhouse

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so i guess i should apologize for my attitude lately, i know if anyone has tried to talk to me i’ve been less than cordial and all i do lately is bitch. things are rough right now and i’m really unhappy so i’m just not up for much. maybe in a couple weeks when things have changed it’ll be different.

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if only it weren’t a stephen king story